Deepak Dargade.

I'm a Mumbai-based Entrepreneur, Ruby on Rails monomaniac and Food enthusiast.
Best known for turning ideas into reality and Co-founder of Classpro.

Nginx - Redirect non www to www
07 Dec 2013

Nginx 301 redirect (non-www to www – traditional way)

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Fixing MySQL’s Illegal Mix of Collations
14 Oct 2013

I recently started to encounter MySQL’s dreaded illegal-mix-of-collations error. The occasional query would result in Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation ‘=’.

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Enable binary log in Mysql
03 Jan 2013

To enable binary log in Mysql, edit the file:

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Rails sends 0 byte files using send_file
30 Dec 2012

send_file has :x_sendfile param which defaults to true in Rails 3.

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Rails 3 data attributes in select tag
05 Aug 2012

in Rails we can add custom attributes to select options, using the existing options_for_select helper.

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Rails on Unicorn - Localhost
11 Apr 2012

Time for flying rainbow horses. Start by installing the Unicorn gem:

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ActionMailer 3.2.0 Upgrade SSL Issue
06 Mar 2012

I upgraded my Rails app to Rails 3.2.0 from 3.1.3 and found that my SMTP outgoing mail was no longer able to authenticate with my mail server.

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Position of callbacks is important in Rails Model
29 Feb 2012

Yesterday i was working on destroy action of a model in. Before deletion I had to check whether the model has any child model or not. Even the model has child model, but deletion was successful even though i had set to false.

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11 Dec 2011
Maybe the best programmers aren’t those who spectacularly solve crazy problems,
but those who don’t create them, which is much more silent.
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Ruby on Rails to_json with include
11 Dec 2011

If the models aren’t associated through active record, then fetching json data is pretty simple in Ruby on Rails.

respond_to do |format|
  format.json  { render :json => @order}
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